Folgende Details zu deren Datenverarbeitung wurden uns am 26.  Juni 2019 von Roder ( rmvanarkel ) zur Verfügung gestellt:

1) In which geographic location is all the "communities service"-data stored?
>> In a datacenter in Frankfurt.

2) Do you share or plan to share any personal data with anybody?
>> No we are not planning to do this.

3) Do you create backups? How long do you keep them?
>> Yes backups are kept for 90 days.

4) If I delete a user within my community, will there be any of his/her personal data left on your "communities service"-servers (excluding backups) ?
>> If you give a user the status removed, all his data will still be visible for consistency of your instance. However if your users request to be forgotten under GDPR you "purge" the user. For purged users all private data is erased from our server forever. The only thing that remains visible is the transactions he did and the agreements he accepted. This is needed because otherwise other users their account history would become inconsistent. But the only data stored here is just a transaction and a name, no meta data attached. So 90 days after this purge all data of this user is removed (then it is not visible in any backup anymore).